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trauma therapy

Your Secrets are Killing You.

And pills are not the answer.

Take Back Your Life Today
Christian Drug Rehab

Is Christian Drug Rehab

for Non-Christians?

The answer is YES.

All Are Welcome
Enabling drug addiction

You gave him money for food.

He used it to buy heroin.

You bought her a phone to stay connected.

She used it to connect with her dealer.

Are you helping or enabling them?

Learn The Difference
Healing the pain of drug addiction

Break free from the fastest

growing addiction in America.

Find Out How
Healing the pain of drug addiction

Healing the pain of addiction

and bringing back light into your life.

Get Help Today

As a provider of one of the most comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in the country, Addiction Campuses has the depth of caring staff, industry experience and clinical proficiency to effectively treat the disease of addiction for life and stop the cycle of rehab relapse.

You deserve a better life. Call today.


Everyone Is Welcome

There is hope and freedom for those who come.
Addiction Campuses wants to help you live
the life you were supposed to live.

The Campus Experience

Our campuses offer comfortable living accommodations on anywhere between 15 and 50 acres which allows space for freedom of movement and thought for reflection during your stay.

Addiction Help Is Here

Begin the road to recovery today and break free from the cycle of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services

Addiction Campuses provides all levels of care. Learn more about some of our services below:

    • Intervention

      Help for anyone in need

    • Don't Wait

      Until it's too late

    • Licensed interventionists
    • Structured support
    • Mediation & guidance
    • Confidential & caring
    • Help is here
    • Details
    • Treatment

      Recovery programs

    • Get Sober

      Learn the skills to succeed

    • Campus environments
    • Residential treatment
    • Outpatient treatment
    • DBT treatment
    • Addiction counseling
    • Details
    • Life Skills

      Success beyond addiction

    • Stay Sober

      Practice the skills you've learned

    • Supervised treatment
    • Sober living
    • Transitional living
    • Support programs
    • Ongoing counseling
    • Details
    • Aftercare

      Long term support

    • Thrive

      In a life of sobriety

    • Support groups
    • Alumni events
    • Recovery meetings
    • Progress follow up
    • Relapse prevention
    • Details