December 7th, 2015 | By Brian Sullivan

Why Addiction Treatment Can't Wait Until After Christmas

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Addiction Affects ALL Families This Holiday Season

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BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Nationwide Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Center Addiction Campuses is entering their busiest time of the year by offering $100,000 in scholarship money to give families the gift of recovery.


“The reality is that there are many people who will not make it until Christmas,” says CEO Brent Clements. “They will either be in jail or dead. We want them in recovery, and these funds cannot wait until next year.”


When dealing with addiction, every second counts. That’s why, especially at this time of year, when family members are around those that love them, addressing the issue is critical.


“We don’t want to see another person lost to addiction,” says Clements. “A phone call to us is the first step toward a new life. A price tag can’t be put on a new life, and everyone deserves recovery. The bureaucracy of insurance companies and a lack of financial support should not be a determining factor in someone’s survival.”


The funds will be distributed on a case by case basis, and determined on the emergency of the needs of the client seeking help.


“Spring to Life [Addiction Campuses] taught me how to be a man, a good husband, and changed my life for the better,” says Alumni David Carrington Mitchell. “I am not only clean, sober, and a better person; but now, I have a heart for Christ, and a love for life that I never thought was possible. The staff know how to relate to you, and genuinely care about your well being. The Lodge [Addiction Campuses] has a presence that is truly indescribable, as well as a beautiful location. I honestly don’t know where I would be, had I not gone to this program. Praise to God and thanks to Spring to Life [Addiction Campuses].”


If you would like to schedule an interview, I or someone on staff, along with alumni of our programs, will be available throughout the month to talk about this. Feel free to contact me at any time at or 901.949.7926.


Thank you for your support, and for working with us to help heal our communities and families from the disease of addiction.




Addiction Campuses provides the most comprehensive addiction treatment program in the country by going beyond the standard 30 day plan and treating persons struggling with addiction mentally and spiritually to break the cycle of repeated visits to treatment. Utilizing our addiction campus environment we have the depth of caring staff, industry experience and clinical proficiency to effectively treat the disease of addiction for life. Addiction Campuses’ admissions center is trained to assess and place the client into one of the Addiction Campuses treatment centers across the country within a 1 hour time frame. This speed in service delivery and thorough commitment to the client long term allows the person struggling with addiction to get quickly on the road to recovery and create a life that’s worth living.



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