Drug-Free Workplace Training

Drug-free workplace programs can help employers create cost-effective, safe, and healthy workplaces. But many employers don’t have the time or resources to build an effective long-term program. Many states provide a discount on your Workers’ Comp policy for implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Program.

Successful drug-free workplace programs generally have the following five key components:

  1. A written policy
  2. Employee education
  3. Supervisor training
  4. An employee assistance program (EAP)
  5. Drug testing

Addiction Campuses will help you meet the education and training necessary to become a certified drug free workplace. Some companies choose not to go through their state’s official certification process but want to provide their employees with job and life-saving education. We can accommodate this. You can simply request an Addiction Campuses representative come in to do the free 1-2 hour training as a quick and easy way to enhance your employee’s awareness of the dangers of untreated substance abuse and mental health concerns in the workplace.

Contact us today if you would like us to mail you an 11″x17″ poster with info on Addiction Campuses and our 24-hour confidential helpline.

Protect and support your company’s most valuable asset – Your Employees. Implement a drug-free workplace.

For Drug-Free Workplace training inquiries, Please call us at (888) 743-0915