5 Reasons You Should Be Skeptical of Palcohol

March 13th, 2015 | By Brian Sullivan | Posted in Alcohol Addiction, Drug Abuse Prevention

This week the FDA approved alcohol in a powdered form known as “Palcohol”, a product expected to hit stores this summer. MADD released a statement saying that while the form of alcohol might change, the issues remain the same.

These are the questions YOU should be asking about Palcohol:

  • Packaging. The bag we see in the YouTube video Mark Phillips released titled “The Truth About Palcohol”, the package looks much like a Capri-Sun, to the point that if I did marketing for Capri-Sun, I would be talking to an attorney. This is going to be a product very marketable to children.
  • Snorting. Phillips states in the video that the powder burns much like alcohol and it would take an entire hour to snort just one shot of powdered vodka. How do they know? Who attempted this? That is not made plain. For the record, an addict looking to get high will snort anything.
  • Practicality. Phillips says the product is targeted for hikers and climbers. When’s the last time you walked for hours and hours and thought “wow, I’d really like a hot margarita with no ice”? He says the packaging is so you don’t have to hike carrying bulky liquor bottles, but you have to mix the product with water, so the bottles of water are going to be just as bulky as the bottles of liquor. Not to mention, where are you going to get ice? Enjoy your delicious hot Cosmo. Yum.
  • Mixing. Phillips has said in interviews that it’s not a danger for date rape drugs because it takes an entire MINUTE to stir into a drink. Have you ever known someone to leave for the restroom and come back within a minute? If so, give them some sanitizer because they didn’t wash their hands. In his demonstration video, however, it takes him approximately 12 seconds to pour the water into the bag and shake it up. After which he takes a sip and says “ahh that’s good”. There’s nothing to stop someone from compounding powdered alcohol with another drink.
  • Inconspicuous. It’s a lot easier to hide a Ziplock bag of Palcohol in your pocket than it is a small bottle of liquor. This product CAN and WILL be snuck into places it shouldn’t be.

We are not merely criticizing the product nor the FDA approval, but simply asking questions. We have talked to people who need a drink as soon as they reach the end of their hike, and they’re usually alcoholics. This is something we see every day. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s dangerous. If you want to gain the respect of the addiction recovery industry, market your product responsibly.

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