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Family Drug Counseling

Addiction Affects The Entire Family System.

It’s not your legacy to bury your child. Or your brother. Or your husband. Addiction goes far beyond just the addict and can infect the entire family ecosystem. Our treatment of the family begins the moment you make the call. Whether you’re the family member or the addict our treatment specialists will walk with you through the fire to get to the freedom on the other side.We know first-hand that dealing with addiction as a family member is often stressful, frustrating and emotionally painful. Research shows that the prognosis is greatly enhanced when the individual and the family work together. Our treatment campuses are staffed with trained therapists who recognize both the pain that the addict is feeling but also the pain of his/her supporting family. We work with our families to help them understand the disease of addiction and the ways in which their support can bring an addict who is on the brink of death – back to life.

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Family Counseling: Healing Families From The Inside Out

The internal dynamics of the family system can produce and sustain problematic behaviors in family members. All family therapy approaches are designed to help families improve communication, problem-solving, and coping skills, and enhance their sense of connection to one another.

The number of family members who attend each session may vary, depending on therapy goals, and often a therapist will offer individual sessions to supplement the family sessions.

Our Counselors Work With Families To Help Them:

  • Learn their family system
  • Understand addiction – as a medical disease
  • Repair hurt and damage caused by addiction
  • Establish or re-establish trust
  • Practicing forgiveness
  • Identify strategies for family success
  • Identify coping and communications strategies for the addicted individual within the family system
  • Teach accountability
  • Manage expectations

Our family counseling program can be implemented as a part of a residential treatment, outpatient treatment and sober living program. Family members who are out of town can use Skype to participate fully in family sessions and help their family.

Intervention Assistance

If your family member isn’t ready to admit their addiction, we will help you find the right interventionist who is an expert in family dynamics and addiction confrontation. This person will be in constant contact with us to let us know how the process is going. Once your loved one is ready, we will be ready to act to get them into treatment and on the way to recovery.

You Will Get Your Family Back.

When your family member is free of addiction and on the road to recovery, he or she will have a renewed sense of what is important in life and a drive to appreciate all of the things that were sidetracked during the addiction.  Family is one of those things. At Addiction Campuses, we work to put families back together by giving them the tools to understand exactly what happened and the strategies to put in place to protect the new family system they have become.

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