Residential / Inpatient Treatment

Residential treatment provides a safe environment away from the negative influences of everyday life, helping many individuals find peace and lasting recovery.

Residential Treatment

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People who enter residential / inpatient addiction treatment programs typically have problems that require combined medical, psychological, and/or physical therapies over a sustained period of time in a controlled environment. Because we believe that addiction treatment is unique to the individual we offer different options when it comes to all of our treatments, including residential treatment. We encourage our clients who have developed debilitating drug addictions to think beyond the traditional 30 day addiction treatment model and to consider a long term treatment plan. Studies have shown that the longer a client is in treatment, the higher his or her chance of success. That means no rehab relapse. No repeated trips to treatments.

It Means Full And Total Recovery From Addiction.

Our campuses are designed to house clients for shorter stays and also for the longer stays depending on need. Often times, a client will come to us and have such a great treatment experience that they realize that a longer stay is the proper course for them.

Our Residential Addiction Treatment Program Includes:

  • Bedroom w/ full bath
  • 24 Hr Medical staff on Duty
  • Individual Primary Therapy Sessions/weekly
  • DBT Orientation Session
  • DBT Sessions/weekly
  • Group Sessions/weekly
  • Weekend Activities and Programs
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation
  • Family Sessions
  • Life Skills Preparation sessions/weekly
  • Biblical Recovery Sessions/weekly

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Your Current Location Is Poisoning You.

Individuals on the path to recovery must be given the appropriate time, space, and tools needed to focus on themselves and their health. Inpatient addiction treatment care is a highly effective form of addiction treatment because it offers clients a safe, structured, and sober environment, away from everyday distractions and temptations.

At Addiction Campuses we know it is vital to get you out of your danger zone and into a safe zone. We have campuses across the country designed to liberate our clients from the dark habits and the black hole culture of alcohol addiction, illegal drug addiction and prescription drug addiction. Our campuses provide the calmness and beauty of the environment in which to properly heal.

Our Campuses provide freedom to breathe while nestled safely in the arms of residential treatment – something we know gives our clients a chance to reflect, rejuvenate and revitalize their lives.

Residential addiction treatment programs offer the highest level of care and support. And research suggests that the longer someone stays in residential treatment, engaged in the treatment process, the better his or her chances of long-term recovery.

Benefits Of Our Residential Treatment Include:

  • Comprehensive assessments that determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Continuum of care, that ensures clients continue to progress through recovery while staying connected to the facility and treatment team
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, that identifies and addresses addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, which are extremely common
  • Evidence-based treatment services led by licensed clinical professionals
  • Daily schedules that are rooted in balance and address therapy, nutrition, physical wellness, and recreation
  • Trauma-based treatment for those clients struggling with addiction and PTSD or other trauma-related issues/disorders
  • Confidential professionals program with specialized tracks tailored to professionals in need.

A home away from home? Maybe. But more importantly to us at Addiction Campuses, we want our residential/inpatient treatment program to be a point from which you will soar.

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