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Lifetime HealthCare Insurance Coverage For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Many people rely on health insurance to pay for addiction treatment. The Lifetime HealthCare Companies insurance plans include coverage for multiple levels of drug and alcohol rehab. Lifetime HealthCare Insurance Coverage For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Affordable care for addiction treatment comes with coverage options from the insurance plans offered by The Lifetime HealthCare Companies. Lifetime HealthCare’s primary health insurance plans with coverage for substance use disorder treatment include Excellus, BlueCross BlueShield, Univera Healthcare and Lifetime Benefit Solutions. These three insurance providers offer care for people suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol in addition to therapy for co-occurring disorders, including mental health conditions.

The Lifetime HealthCare Companies utilize behavioral health specialists as the first line of defense against addiction and relapse. These healthcare professionals help patients identify and address their symptoms and discover the best treatment options available for their circumstances. Patients suffering from addiction, as well as their loved ones, can start down the path to recovery by learning about the treatment options covered through The Lifetime HealthCare Companies insurance plans.

Does Lifetime HealthCare Cover Drug And Alcohol Detox?

The detoxification process allows those who are diagnosed with a substance use disorder to receive medical care to control withdrawal symptoms as their body adjusts to the absence of drugs and alcohol. With the exception of catastrophic care, all other levels of insurance from The Lifetime HealthCare Companies cover drug and alcohol detox.

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Although bronze-level coverage comes with low monthly premiums starting at $263, these plans only cover up to 50 percent of inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment services after the deductible is satisfied. Lifetime HealthCare clients with silver or gold coverage, however, may have 100 percent of drug and alcohol detox services covered after the deductible.

Across all plans, outpatient services may require a $70 copay, while inpatient services carry up to a $250 copay. The level of care needed throughout the detox process affects the total cost of the addiction tre7 atment provided at this stage.

Does Lifetime HealthCare Cover Inpatient Rehab?

Lifetime HealthCare Companies insurance plans provide coverage for inpatient drug and alcohol rehab care. The care centers covered by these plans include local hospitals and psychiatric care centers that offer treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions.
People suffering from substance use disorders must display a medical need for restrictive care in a controlled environment to qualify for inpatient addiction treatment. Patients must also acquire prior authorization before entering a drug and alcohol rehab facility to receive insurance coverage for inpatient addiction treatment services.

Compliance in following the treatment plan created by addiction treatment experts is essential in ensuring patients remain on the path to recovery. The treatment plan may include medication to prevent or control withdrawal symptoms and therapy for underlying mental health disorders.

Does Lifetime HealthCare Cover Outpatient Rehab?

Health insurance plans offered through The Lifetime HealthCare Companies include access to outpatient addiction treatment services for qualified patients. Treatment centers typically assess new patients upon admission and create a treatment plan to address their unique needs. To qualify for outpatient rehab services, patients suffering from substance use disorders must demonstrate an ability to remain compliant with the treatment parameters while residing outside a 24-hour care facility.

Outpatient addiction treatment gives Lifetime HealthCare clients the level of support they need to recover from addiction and prevent relapse. Intensive outpatient treatment centers are also available for patients who demonstrate a high risk of relapse.

A team of behavioral healthcare professionals will help patients of outpatient rehab programs to recover from drug and alcohol addiction using a variety of treatments and medications. Individual and family therapy may also come into play as patients build the foundation they need to stay in recovery for life.

Does Lifetime HealthCare Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Throughout the treatment process of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, behavioral healthcare professionals may prescribe and administer medications to prevent or minimize withdrawal symptoms. When determined to be medically necessary, medication-assisted treatment qualifies for coverage through The Lifetime HealthCare Companies insurance plans.

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This type of treatment for addiction removes barriers to quitting drugs and alcohol by allowing patients to taper down their dose over time without experiencing acute withdrawal. Medication-assisted treatment helps to improve compliance with the inpatient or outpatient program. Patients are better equipped to move forward with treatment when their withdrawal symptoms are under control.

Does Lifetime HealthCare Cover Sober Living Houses?

Through a partial hospitalization program, or day-night care, sober living houses may qualify for coverage under insurance plans from The Lifetime HealthCare Companies. The support received from these residences helps patients successfully transition from inpatient to outpatient care or full independence.

In-Network And Out-Of-Network Care

Health insurance plans from Lifetime HealthCare offer the choice between in-network and out-of-network care providers. The in-network providers and treatment centers agree to negotiated rates for services rendered. Out-of-network providers set their own rates independent of the insurance company restrictions.

People working toward recovery from substance abuse can search through in-network and out-of-network addiction treatment centers to find the best match for their needs. Out-of-network providers may vary in cost compared to in-network treatment centers.

Addiction treatment centers can perform a verification of benefits to confirm the coverage level available for each patient. People who experience addiction can then select from the top options by comparing costs and treatment methods.

How To Find Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers That Accept Lifetime HealthCare

  1. Call Addiction Campuses for an immediate verification of benefits. Addiction Campuses can answer questions about insurance and addiction treatment and perform a no-obligation verification of insurance benefits on your behalf.
  2. Contact the insurance provider by using the phone number on the back of the insurance card or by visiting the provider’s website. A representative will be able to match you to an in-network drug and alcohol rehab center.
  3. Call the treatment center you or your loved one is interested in. The treatment center’s admissions team can answer questions about covered services.

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Although The Lifetime HealthCare Companies may not cover all of a patient’s treatment, most plans will cover at least some portion of the treatment and help patients on their journey to sobriety. Addiction Campuses accepts many forms of insurance and can help patients find out what their plan covers.

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