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Southampton, NY Information About Drug and Alcohol Addiction By State

Substance abuse is life-changing, often catching you off guard and changing your life. It can seem impossible to move forward, but alcohol and drug rehab centers in Southampton and other areas can help you.

Substance abuse is life-changing, often catching you off guard and changing your life. It can seem impossible to move forward, but alcohol and drug rehab centers in Southampton and other areas can help you.

Addiction Treatment In Southampton

Near Southampton, addiction treatment is available. As you search for options, know that treatment programs should always be customized to meet your individual needs.

To determine your needs, treatment centers offer a comprehensive evaluation or assessment as a first step. This provides an opportunity to learn what kind of program will work best for you.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs In Southampton

When you use drugs or alcohol for a long period of time, and then abruptly stop use, withdrawal is likely to occur.

Symptoms of withdrawal can be dangerous or life-threatening, but detox programs are in place to provide safety, comfort, and support. You’ll be under medical or social supervision, and may also have access to medication when symptoms are severe.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment In Southampton

Inpatient care is one of the best opportunities for when you struggle with addiction. It provides an opportunity to gain 24-hour supervision to minimize risks to your health.

It can also offer an opportunity for you to get professional help on a more intense basis. It pulls you out of life-threatening situations and creates a safe environment that allows you to heal, grow, and learn more about yourself in recovery.

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Outpatient Treatment In Southampton

If you have a strong supportive environment at home, then outpatient treatment may be a good option. Outpatient treatment requires you to visit a treatment center daily or every few days.

You’ll meet more often with an intensive outpatient program (IOP), which requires at least nine hours of treatment per week.

Medication-Assisted Treatment In Southampton

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) reduces withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol or opioid addiction so you can focus on behavioral therapy.

This combination of medications and therapy is effective for restoring balance in your brain and working towards changing your thinking and attitudes about drugs and alcohol. Common medications include naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine.

Aftercare And Alumni Services In Southampton

Ongoing support is an important part of your recovery process. To make sure you have access to a network of support through both peers and professionals, some rehab centers may offer aftercare and alumni services.

Aftercare and alumni services include 12-step programs, community resources, outpatient counseling, and sober living programs.

Length Of Addiction Treatment In Southampton

In New York, addiction treatment programs can range from 30 days and up to 90 days. Outpatient programs can begin at any time and can continue for six months or longer.

There is no specific program length requirement for most situations, but rather an ongoing opportunity to learn and grow for as long as it takes you to get back on track.

How To Pay For Treatment In Southampton

Paying for substance abuse treatment in Southampton can seem like a challenge. Many times, health insurance programs will cover it, though you may have some out-of-pocket expenses.

If the cost becomes more than you can afford, you can turn to the treatment center for payment plans, flexible solutions, and sliding-scale fees.

Substance Abuse Trends In Southampton And Suffolk County, New York

As a state with increasing drug and alcohol-related deaths, many cities are taking action to fix the problem. Some facts from Southampton and Suffolk County include:

  • In 2017, 19 people died from drug overdoses in Southampton.
  • Due to the rapidly increasing drug overdoses in the area, Southampton created a 15-person panel that would work to reduce these figures.
  • In 2018, 283 Suffolk County residents died from an opioid-related overdose.

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The Nearest Addiction Campuses Treatment Center: Swift River

Located in Massachusetts, Swift River is a sprawling campus about four-and-a-half hours from Southampton.

Our licensed professionals provide evidence-based behavioral therapy in a natural, wooded area with ample amenities onsite. When taking in the quiet surroundings with some yoga or learning about your recovery, we offer a range of treatment options.

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