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Turning Point


The ability to change begins with the acceptance of who we are. At Turning Point, we understand that change and acceptance are necessary in order to begin a new life of recovery. As a leading, fully-accredited recovery facility in the Greater Memphis area, we’ve provided a turning point for numerous families and individuals by empowering them to restore hope and balance to their lives.

At Turning Point, our philosophy is holistic: Our industry-leading team of physicians and psychotherapists specialize in dual diagnosis and help to not only address the addiction, but also any underlying mood or mental health disorders. Your new beginning continues with lifelong support for your recovery, practical skills to help you thrive, as well as family counseling.

Our sole priority is to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients at all levels of care: From medical detoxification to our intensive outpatient program (IOP), partial hospitalization (PHP), and residential treatment. All of our programs utilize an evidence-based therapeutic curriculum, aimed at providing each client the best opportunity for long-lasting recovery.

Treatment Modalities

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is an internationally-recognized, proven psychotherapy. It’s also the hallmark of our program at Turning Point. DBT incorporates the concepts of behavior therapy, mindfulness and acceptance, as well as changing thoughts and behaviors. DBT gives Turning Point clients the skills, abilities and validation to recover from addiction and build a life worth living in recovery

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Substance misuse is often rooted in problematic thinking. Utilizing a range of CBT skills, Turning Point clients learn to identify and correct the thoughts that lead them to using. This solution-based thinking helps our clients to overcome their destructive patterns of behavior as they work towards new, positive goals.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

For many, the process of recovery will require medicinal help. The medication-assisted treatment program (MAT) at Turning Point is designed to increase the effectiveness of rehab by reducing the severity of withdrawal and craving and promote a more focused state of mind during therapy sessions. MAT is proven to extend periods of sobriety and promote successful recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis)

For many, addiction co-occurs with some type of mental or mood disorder including depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma or other conditions. Our clinical staff at Turning Point has extensive experience in providing specialized treatment for co-occurring disorders, as well as behavioral issues such as impulse control, anger and personality disorders.

Family Support Program

Addiction is a family disease - and recovery from addiction is a process of family healing. At Turning Point, we believe that a strong support network increases the chances of long-term recovery. With client permission, we invite loved ones to participate in family education and counseling programs.

Art Therapy

When it comes to creating art, there are numerous therapeutic benefits to be had. At Turning Point, we leverage art in a way to provide clients additional ways to communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences - all in a healthy manner.

Pet Therapy

Pets can assist with addiction recovery in countless ways. Pet therapy - or, animal-assisted therapy, can help reduce tension, improve moods, lower blood pressure and decrease stress and depression. At Turning Point pet therapy is offered on a weekly basis in order to help clients on their recovery journey.

Activities And Groups At Turning Point

Hikes & Walking Trails

While Turning Point is located in the Greater Memphis area, we are proud to offer private, scenic walking trails amongst our campus. Our trails provide a place of recreational activity, as well as a place for mindfullness and meditation, peace and serenity.

Fitness Center & Sand Volleyball Court

Physical wellness and health are often neglected by those in active drug or alcohol addiction. It’s vital to replace unhealthy habits with new, active routines for wellness and recovery. At Turning Point, our Wellness Coach helps clients set healthy goals and return to a more active lifestyle.


The practice of yoga offers a range of healing benefits with used in partnership with other traditional treatment modalities. At Turning Point, clients are offered the opportunity to reduce stress, improve emotional wellness, and increase physical strength and stamina in yoga sessions.

Outdoor Pool (Seasonal Access)

During the summer season, clients have access to Turning Point’s outdoor pool and pergola.

A Typical Day In Rehab At Turning Point

When considering treatment at Turning Point, you may wonder what to expect on a day-to-day basis in rehab. While our inpatient rehab offers a wide range of therapies, activities and programming, overall, scheduling remains structured and organized.


7:30BreakFast & MediationBreakFast & MediationBreakFast & MediationBreakFast & MediationBreakFast & MediationBreakFastBreakFast
8:30Thought of the dayThought of the dayThought of the dayThought of the dayThought of the dayGoal of the dayGoal of the day
9:00DBTDBTDBTDBTRecovery-Oriented Challenge TherapyExpressive TherapyMeditation
10:00Health & WellnessCBT Skills: FamilyCBT Skills: CodependencyCBT Skills: CommunicationCBT Skills: ForgivenesSelf ImprovmentExperiential Games
11:00Exercise or DevotionalRecovery Group or DevotionalExercise or DevotionalRecovery Group or DevotionalExercise or DevotionalRecovery GroupExperiential Games


1:15Expressive TherapiesExpressive TherapiesExpressive TherapiesTrauma IntroExpressive TherapiesExpressive Therapy or DevotionalAdults In Recovery Group
2:15CBT Skills: FamilyCBT Skills: Work & FinanceCBT Skills: SpiritualityCBT Skills: Mental HealthCBT Skills: FamilyRecovery Group or Challenge CourseRecovery Group
3:15Community MeetingExpressive TherapyExpressive TherapyExpressive TherapyExpressive TherapyExpressive Therapy or DevotionalAddiction Recovery Group
4:15Expressive TherapyLife CoachingExpressive TherapyExpressive TherapyRecovery ChallengeRecovery ChallengeRecovery Challenge


6:00Peer-Led Group OptionPeer-Led Group OptionPeer-Led Group Option
AA, NA, SMART, CR, Bible Study
Peer-Led Group OptionPeer-Led Group OptionPeer-Led Group OptionPeer-Led Group Option
9:00Client-Led Affirmation GroupClient-Led Affirmation GroupClient-Led Affirmation GroupClient-Led Affirmation GroupClient-Led Affirmation GroupClient-Led Affirmation GroupClient-Led Affirmation Group

Turning Point Features

Turning Point’s individualized counseling and treatment programs have helped to empower hundreds of families to restore hope and balance in their lives. The strength and depth of our clinical teams have driven countless success stories - and all of our licensed, master’s level therapists work together to help you create a healthy life of recovery.

    Some of our key additional features include:

  • Clean, comfortable residential accommodations
  • Two full-time psychiatric nurse practitioners
  • A full-time medical director
  • Nutritious meals
  • Yoga
  • Hikes and walking trails
  • Spacious lounges
  • Musical instruments
  • Puzzles, art supplies, indoor games
  • Daily gender groups
  • Family sessions (scheduled by the client’s therapist)

What To Bring To Turning Point

When preparing to enter treatment at Turning Point, you may wonder what is appropriate to bring to rehab. Packing for rehab should resemble packing for a 7-10 day trip; including pants or shorts, t-shirts, appropriate layers, undergarments, socks and shoes. You should pack comfortable clothing, as walking may be involved from various campus locations. It’s also important to be mindful of the different seasons in Mississippi, as well as the weather conditions.

Smoking is allowed at Turning Point. If you smoke, you must bring enough cigarettes to last the duration of your time in treatment - new, unopened packs only.

    You should also plan to bring:

  • A jacket or sweater
  • Athletic shoes and clothes
  • Closed toes shoes
  • Bathing suit
  • Personal hygiene items
    ingredients must have no alcohol content
  • All medications
    All medications you are taking in their original, labeled prescription bottles
  • List of previous medications
  • ID or driver's license
  • Insurance card
  • MP3 player
    MP3 player without internet/wifi access
  • Books

Please do not bring: weapons, pornography, clothing graphics with references to drugs or alcohol


Turning Point Treatment

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